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Comfort Touch Cushions

Comfort Touch cushions are designed to help satisfy the therapeutic needs of consumers with an ergonomic design, high-quality foam, and enhanced comfort look and feel.

Best of all worlds

Exceptional combination of clinical efficacy, quality, practical features, and price. This combination therapy system addresses pressure, maceration, friction and shear forces using alternating pressure and low air loss therapies through a 4-way stretch cover. Power outage protection via cell-on-cell technology, diagnostic alarms, and autofirm with auto-return to alternating mode, all represent features that solve real-world caregiver concerns.

Latest news

Transform Your Support Surface Brand.

Too many DME providers are doing Group 1 and Group 2 support surfaces “by accident”. They treat the support surface category the same way they might treat hospital beds, wheelchairs or walkers… They compete on service. Competing on service may be an effective way to get more business in some categories, but not in Group 1 and 2 surfaces. Providers who choose to take more than a reactive or transactional approach, and who progress beyond the role of “order fillers” will be rewarded with a disproportionate share of referrals for one of the most profitable categories left in DME.

Therapeutic Support Surfaces: Matching the Right Product to the Right Patient

We need support surfaces to help get blood to our skin, especially when we are sitting or lying down and cannot move much. Skin, the biggest organ in the human body, with an average weight of 8-10 pounds and an average area of 22 square feet, dies without adequate blood flow to supply needed oxygen and nutrients. Support surfaces come in hundreds of shapes, sizes, makes and models, with dozens of different “bells and whistles”. They are all designed, however, to help get more blood to the skin. So the skin does not die – or develop a pressure ulcer.